[UK/EU/US Ship] 2021 Top XTOOL PS90 Tablet Full System Diagnostic Tool and 13 Special Functions for Immobilizer/Oil Reset/EPB/BMS/SAS/DPF/TPMS Reset

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3 XTOOL PS90: PS90 for cars [UK/EU/US Ship] 2021 Top XTOOL PS90 Tablet Full System Diagnostic Tool and 13 Special Functions for Immobilizer/Oil Reset/EPB/BMS/SAS/DPF/TPMS Reset
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Product Description

The all new Xtool PS90 Diagnostic Scan Tool provides incredible dealer level diagnostics at an affordable price for many small to large workshops. The features and coverage provided by the Xtool PS90 will leave others for dust. Connection between the diagnostic plug and the scan tool is done wirelessly making the process even more effortless. Scan all systems, modules and even programme new keys, the depth to the Xtool PS90 is massive.

XTOOL PS90 Tablet Full System Diagnostic Tool and 13 Special Functions

XTOOL PS90 Powered by Android, the Xtool PS90 is a Pro Level scan tool with the added benefit of being a powerful tablet. Scan vehicles, reply to emails, and surf the net all from the same device. Another fantastic new feature is the ability to send any issues with the unit or vehicles directly to the Xtool Engineering department from the built-in help section. Connect wirelessly and be directly in touch with the manufacturer. Send them photos from the built-in camera! Wifi also makes updates an easy process, unlike some tools.

ps90 diagnosis system

ps90 full system

Kindly Note:PS90 key programmer can work withXTOOL EEPROM Adapter and KC100

Top 8 Reasons to Buy XTOOL PS90:

1.Diesel Vehicle Diagnose via Bluetooth/Wifi,
2.One-click software Update
3.Xtool PS90 get 2 Years update online with the lifetime
4.Full System Diagnosis + 13 Special Functions: Key Programming, Mileage, Throttle Relearn, EEPROM adapter, DPF, EPB, Service/Maintenance light, ABS, Tooth learning, Headlight, TPMS, Angle Sensor Reset
5.Mileage supported car list via OBD
6. Supported functions and Vehicle list
7.Multi-Language: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabian, Russian( English is default language, if you want other language,please provide SN to change)
8. Difference between ps90 and a80.ps90 has powerful diagnostic functions,a80 is better as a key function

XTOOL PS90 language support
xtool ps90 13 functions

xtool ps90 bluetooth connection
Learn more: XTOOL PS90 Bluetooth Connection procedure

XTOOL PS90 Function List:
  • Actuation/Activate Components Test
  • Airbag Reset
  • Battery Matching
  • Adjust Injector
  • Airbag Deactivate/Active
  • ABS Bleed
  • Maintenance Reset
  • Read PIN Code
  • Stop/Activate SBC
  • Oxygen Sensor Reset
  • Read ECU information
  • Read & Clear DTCs
  • Read Live Data
  • Clear Learning Value
  • Throttle Sensor Adjustment
  • Tyre Pressure Reset
  • Service Light Reset
  • Odometer Adjustment
  • Immobilization
  • Exhaust Gas Treatment
  • Steering Angle Sensor
  • EPB
  • EEPROM Adapter
  • DPF Regeneration
  • EPS Steering Angle Sensor Calibration
  • Service light Reset
  • TPS Throttle Body Adaptation

TPS Throttle Body Adaptation

XTool PS90 Tablet special function

Note: Different vehicle have different menus and systems

XTOOL PS90 Key Programming Features:

New keys programming
Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory
New immobilizer programming
New ECU programming
New mechanical key number programming
Vehicle Identification Number programming
Reset ECM & reset immobilizer
Easy to operate by the guided menu programming
New remote controller programming
With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes.

Note: if you need this KC100 please buy it alone
(this PS90 link is not including the KC100 inside, Click here to buy Xtool PS90 Plus KC100 )
  • Support for Volkswagen for Audi for Skoda 4th generation, 5th generation, MQB key matching
  • Support for Volkswagen for Audi for Skoda 4-generation 96-bit online, 5-generation online, MQB online key matching
  • Support for BMW CAS1-CAS3 + key matching
  • Support for Land Rover's smart key write start function after 2015
  • Support for Fiat, for Fischer, 500, for Palio and other models
  • Support for Toyota for Lexus all lost and disassembly-free, can realize 94, 98, 88, A8, A9, 39 simulation key generation
XTool PS90 Vehicle Coverage:

America Car Models:

GM, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Hummer, Buck, Pontiac, Chrysler, Dooge, Cadillac, Saturn

Europe Car models :

Landrover , VW, Bentley, Porsche, Volvo, Citroen, Benz-Transporter ,

Ford, Smart, Lamborghini , Bugatti , Seat, Mini, Jaguar,

Peugeot, VAZ, Opel, Liaz, Rolls-Royce, Fiat ,

Audi, Lancia, Skoda, Renault, Lamborghini,

Laucia, VW-CV, Romeo, Abarth , Maybach

Vauxhall, BMW, SAAB, GAZ

Australia Car models :

Holden, Ford

Asia Car models :

Honda, Lexis, Mazda, KIA, Toyota, Subaru, Hyundai,

Daewoo, Isuzu, Scion, Suzuki, Acura, Infiniti, TLisuzu, Nissan

Mitsubishi, Luxgen, Ssangyong

China Car models:

Great Wall Motor, Chery, Gonow Car, Brilliance, MG. Lifan Cars

Geely Cars, JAC, BYD

XTOOL PS90 Odometer Adjustment

Support the OBD2 Car morels if need open the car dashboard, then this machine didn't support

Xtool ps90 mileage adjustment

ps90 mileage adjustment 2

Xtool ps90 mileage adjustment

Xtool ps90 mileage adjustment

Enter inside and choose your car models

Xtool ps90 mileage adjustment

EPB functions show

ps90 epb function show

Steering angle sensor adjustment
These are the Asian Car models

ps90 steering angle model

These is the Europeans Car models

xtool ps90 europeans model

Enter you can choose

xtool ps90 for passat

Make sure that does that as said

Make sure that's do that as said 


xtool ps90 eeprom adapter

Write your needed or which models you want to work with, we will do add these car models in the next or future update

XTOOL PS90 Parameters

Power Voltage: 5V
Camera (rear): 5.0 Megapixel, AF with Flashlight
Memory: 2GB RAM,32GB Flash
Operating Temperature: -20 to 50℃(-4 to 126℉)
Bluetooth: 100 Meters
Dimension:(L*W*H): 300 (11.81”) x 220 (8.66”) x 50 (1.97”)mm
Power Consumption: 6W
Operating System: Android 4.4.4
Display: 9.7 inch LED, 1024x768P Resolution
Wi-Fi: WIFI 2.4Ghz
CPU: Rockchip 4 Core, 1.6GHz
Battery: 8000 mAh, 7.4V
Sensors: Gravity Sensor, Light Sensor

xtool ps90 specification
xtool ps90 apperance

XTOOL PS90 Package Including:

PS90 Tablet
Tool Box(Carton Sticker)
Main Cable (DB15 Double Male Cable with Power)
DC5V-2.5A Power Adapter
Micro USB Charger Cable 
Battery Clipper
Cigarette Lighter
Certificate of Quality
Packing List
User Manual

xtool ps90 package list




Xtool PS90 Register Battery replacement For BMW

XTool PS90 EPB Reset For BMW

Technical Support

Part1. Xtool PS90 VS Xtool X100 PAD3
Part2. Xtool PS90 vs Xtool PS90 PRO

Xtool PS90 VS Xtool X100 PAD3

The main difference between these two XTOOL tablets:

Though both XTOOL X100 PAD3 and PS90 support all system diagnosis, key programming, odometer adjustment and special function, the main function supported is different.

1.PS90 mainly supports all system diagnosis, can be used to read & clear fault code and read data stream, etc.

2.X100 PAD Elite mainly supports key programming and can do some common OBDII diagnosis, but it cannot read data stream.

Besides, X100 PAD3 features in more special functions such asWindow initialization, Gearbox Match, Crankshaft Resync, Injector code, Cylinder, Seat configuration, Electronic Pump Activation, Performance Tire Upgrade and Disable Transportation.


Check the comparison table to read more.

Product name XTOOL PS90 XTOOL X100 PAD3
image  Xtool Ps90 Vs X100 Pad3 1  Xtool Ps90 Vs X100 Pad3 2
Full system diagnosis Yes Yes, support common OBDII diagnosis
Read fault code Yes Yes
Clear fault code Yes Yes
Read data stream Yes No
Key programming (immobilization) Yes Yes
Odometer Adjustment Yes Yes
Oil service reset Yes Yes
EPB Yes Yes
TPS Yes Yes
TPMS (Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset) Yes Yes
BMS Reset Yes Yes
Headlight Yes Yes
Air Suspension Yes Yes
SAS Reset Yes Yes
DPF Yes Yes
ABS Bleeding Yes Yes
Airbag reset Yes Yes
Window initialization No Yes
Gearbox Match No Yes
Crankshaft Resync No Yes
Injector code No Yes
Cylinder No Yes
Seat configuration No Yes
Electronic Pump Activation No Yes
Performance Tire Upgrade No Yes
Disable Transportation No Yes
Hardware comparison:
Operating System Android 4.4.4 Android 5.1.1
CPU Rockchip 4 Core, 1.6GHz Rockchip civil-grade processor
Storage space 32GB Flash FLASH 64GB
Battery 8000 mAh, 7.4V 10000mAh
Resolution 1024x768P 1024*768
Screen size 9.7-inch LED 8 inch
HDMI Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes No
WIFI Yes Yes
Dimension 300 (11.81”) x 220 (8.66”) x 50 (1.97”) mm 275*183*33.9 (mm)
One key update Yes Yes
Language English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Korean
Database Built-in database Built-in database
Technical support Expert service team Expert service team
Price £730.00 £907.00 (withKS-1 emulator)

In conclusion:

Which device is better for you depends on the budget, function, and car model you want to do. For key programming, chooseXTOOL X100 PAD Elite key programmer. For full system diagnosis, chooseXTOOL PS90 tablet full system diagnostic tool.

Xtool PS90 vs Xtool PS90 PRO

Product name XTOOL PS90 XTOOL PS90 Pro
Image  xtool ps90  xtool ps90 pro
Price £730.00 £1,384.00
Scope of application only for cars for cars and trucks 2 in 1
Full sysetm diagnosis Yes Yes
Immobilization Yes Yes
Throttle Relearn Yes Yes
DPF Yes Yes
Steering Angle Sensor Adjustment Yes Yes
Electric Parking Brake(EPB) Yes Yes
Odometer Adjustment Yes Yes
Air Suspension No Yes
Service/Maintenance Light Yes Yes
Headlight Yes Yes
EEPROM Adapter Yes Yes
BMS Reset No Yes
Tire Pressure Reset   Yes
ABS Yes No
Tooth learning Yes No
Language English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabian, Russian English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkey, Russian, Polish, Arabic
One click upgrade Yes (free update so far) Yes (free update so far)
Wireless connection Yes Yes
Bluetooth connection Yes Yes
Hardware comparison:    
Operating System Android 4.4.4 Android 4.4.4
CPU Rockchip 4 Core, 1.6GHz Rockchip 4 Core, 1.6GHz
Storage space 32GB Flash 32GB Flash
Battery 8000 mAh, 7.4V 8000 mAh, 7.4V
Power Voltage 5V 5V
Power Consumption 6W 6W
Resolution 1024x768P 1024x768P
Screen size 9.7-inch LED 9.7-inch LED
Dimension 300 (11.81”) x 220 (8.66”) x 50 (1.97”) mm 300 (11.81”) x 220 (8.66”) x 50 (1.97”) mm
Sensors Gravity Sensor, Light Sensor Gravity Sensor, Light Sensor
Camera (rear) 5.0 Megapixel, AF with Flashlight 5.0 Megapixel, AF with Flashlight
Wi-Fi WIFI 2.4Ghz WIFI 2.4Ghz
Bluetooth 100 Meters 100 Meters

Learn more: How to solved XTOOL PS90 (Pro) Data Missing after Initialization
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