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Product Description

Xtool D7W is an automotive smart diagnostic system with a 7-inch LCD display and Android 10 OS, which is designed for mechanics, electricians, and car maintenance shops. It supports automotive diagnostics for full-system, including reading ECU version information, reading fault codes, live data, and freeze frames.

XTOOL D7W Wireless Bidirectional Scan Tool

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Top Reasons to Get XTOOL D7W:

1. D7W with Wireless connection, Update Ver. of D7/D7S which connected by cable only. 
2. New UI Design, Easy to use with Rear Camera, Android 10 system
3. Bidirectional and Key Programming
4. work with XTOOL XV100: Help you better check the vehicle by viewing details via the endoscope.
5. 2G+ 64GB Storage
6. DoIP & CAN FD
7. 36+ Resets
8. 3 Years Free Update, after 3 years it is 90GBP/per year. If you don't update it, you can still use it.  
9.ECU Coding
10.8-In-1 Graphing Live Data 
11. Support 15 Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. When you get the device, send us the seial number to change language for you.

xtool d7w


D7W is the latest wireless diagnostic machine, an upgraded version of XTOOL D7/D7S. It does not need to rely on the constraints of OBD2 cables and works more efficiently and conveniently.

Xtool D7W Functions:

1. ECU CODING (New Adding)

newly added ECU coding capability(for VW/AUDI/SKODA VEHICLES), which is the same with XTOOL D7 or xtool d7s, it performs online Coding, Component Matching, Adaptive Data Reset, etc to optimize vehicle performance and customize car settings.

2. Auto Key Programmer

can perform various IMMO functions like programming new keys/fobs, remote learning, or adding new keys/fobs for many vehicle models.

3. Enhanced Bi-directional Control(Active Test)

Perform various active tests to check the integrity of systems or components and the operating conditions of various car systems or sub-systems without using the vehicle controls to test ABS motor, window, door, solenoids, relay, switch, valves, sunroof, headlamps and etc to check its functionality.


D7W is a comprehensive car scanner that can perform OE-level diagnosis on all available systems to read/clear codes, read ECU information, freeze frame and live data

5. 36 Services + Reset Functions

Relearn/Reset/Match/Calibration/Adjustment/Adaptation/Initialization: Come with 36 special functions like HV Battery, A/C relearn, ABS Bleeding, Injector Coding, etc, and various advanced features under each vehicle such as Cylinder Power Balance, Zero Point Calibration, Injector Quality Adjustment, Fuel Trim Reset, Service Bay Test, Fuel Injector Balance, Yaw rate sensor calibration, ABS Initialization, Crankshaft Relearn, etc.

6. 8-In-1 Graphing,More Comprehensive Live Data

The original 4-in-1 graph is changed into 8-in-1 graph,Allow you to customize specific PID, and merge graphs for up to 8 data PIDs combined at one time in one graph.

7. DoIP &CAN FD Protocol

Work on GM, on GMC, on Chevrolet, on Cadillac, on Holden and on Hummer, etc manufactured after 2020 and vehicles with DoIP protocols.

More Newest Tablets

The new version of D7W has been upgraded the 15 operating system, bringing you a faster, smoother and more consistent experience.

Wider Coverage for More Vehicles(still expanding in 2024)

Add more models in 2022 and 2023, expand to 140+Brands, and 10000+Models for EU,ASIA,US domestic cars to perform OE level diagnostics,Active test... XTOOL technical team is still adding new models.


KEY PROGRAMMING & ECU CODING: Streamline your automotive repair and maintenance tasks.
XTOOL Team are always trying to give you advanced features without you paying the extra cost.

D7W car diagnostic scanner comes with lots of powerful features like key programming, ECU coding, etc.
These functions only work on some specific models. Please send VIN and required functions to check the compatibility first.

✔Key Programming: Program new keys/fobs,. DisabIe lo*st keys, match and pair the keys, read pin codes, etc.
✔ECU Coding: Re-program the adaptive data after replacements, Re-code Changed Modules, Customize the vehicle OE settings to improve the vehicle performance or disabIe/reveal the some specific functions For VW, on Audi and on Skoda.


Ensure your vehicle's safety and performance with these critical maintenance tasks. XTOOL D7W can meet your current and future needs of various maintenance on different vehicles.

Oil Reset: Reset service intervals after oil change so as to turn off the oil light..
ABS Bleeding: Bleed the air out of the ABS system to get firm brake pedals.
EPB Reset: Help to replace and reset brake pads.
VGT Relearn: Relearn the VGT Turbo after replacement.
SAS: Calibrate the steering angle sensor for stability control and steering sensors to be accurate.
Throttle: Adjust the throttle position to control the air intake volume,
Injector Coding: Enter the new injector code into the ECU after replacing the injector.
BMS Reset: Help the vehicle learn about the new battery's charging cycle.
Gearbox Match: Match the transmission after replacement.
TPMS Reset: Reset the tire sensors after tire replacement when the tire pressure is insufficient.
More special functions include: HV Battery, A/C Relearn, Gear Learning, Power Balance, Suspension, Headlight, Seat Match, Tire Upgrade, Airbag Repair, Windows Initialization, EEPROM, Electronic Pump Activation, A/F Reset, Start/Stop Reset, FRM Reset, Reset Control Unit, Rain/Light Sensor, Clutch Adaptation, etc:

Vehicle-specific functions including Reset/Relearn/Match/Initialization/Calibration/Adjustment/Adaptation: Crankshaft pos. Variation learn, Idle Relearn, EVAP Test, Cam Crank Relearn, Cylinder Power Balance, Zero-Point Calibration, Fuel Trim Reset, Fuel Injector Balance, Fuel Content Reset, ABS Initialization, SWS Initialization, Service Bay Test, Injector Quality Adjustment, OPDS Initialization, Quicklearn, Idle Speed Control Reset, Transmission Service Fast Learn, Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Learn, Passenger Presence Sensor Learn, HVAC Actuators Learn, etc.

XTOOL D7W Automotive Diagnostic Tool: Work on most vehicles that come with standard OBD2 port.

✔Full Systems Diagnosis: Perform dealership-level diagnosis on all available systems like Engine, transmission, body control module, ABS, PCM, BMS, etc to help you get the codes, clear the codes, retrieve the ECU information, freeze frame and perform active tests.

✔8-in-1 Live Data Graphing: Display live data PIDs like oil pressure, fuel temperature, coolant temperature, transmission oil temperature, fuel trim, O2 sensors, ATF temperature, cylinder balance rates, engine speed, etc in text or graphs. Compare up to 8 PIDs in one chart or 8 individual graphs..

>>Use the search icon on the top right corner to quickly find the live data stream you want.

✔AUTO SCAN: Quickly detect your vehicle information and recognize the VIN to access to the diagnosis procedure.

>>>AUTO SCAN doesn't work on all vehicles. Try MANUAL INPUT, Automatic Detection or Manual Selection if AUTO SCAN doesn’t work in some cases.

XTOOL D7W bi-directional scan tool can help you perform various actuation tests on the specific sub-systems/components such as windows, injectors, doors, pumps, valves, motors, clutches, lights, , solenoids, mirror, horn, roof etc. Commonly used active tests are shown as below:

Door Locks/Unlocks High/Low beams Window Up/Down Fuel Pump Relay
Front Motor Up/Down Cooling fan Test Fuel Pump Relay Compression Test
Activate the Solenoid Fuel Pump Relay Mirror UP/Down A/C Clutch EVAP Test etc

Special Functions

Remote Control: It can help us quickly locate the issue you are having on the D7S and assist you solve it asap.

Share & Print Reports: Share the reports by ema!l or print out the reports and offer it to your customers or your technicians or for your later analysis.

Data Export & Data View: Use the "Data Export" option to export live data to CSV files so you can perform further analysis on computer or view them later in “Data View” on the device.

Graphing Live Data: Graph up to 8 PIDs simultaneously on one page or in one chart to help you better monitor and compare them at the same time.

Xtool D7W Parameter

Operating System:Android 10.0 O.S.
Display:7.0 inch touch screen with 1024 X 600 resolution
Power and Battery:5000mAh, 3.7V
Power Consumption:8W
Power Voltage:5V
Processor:Quad-core 1.5GHz Processor
Connectivity:Micro USB+WIFI(2.4Ghz & 5Ghz)
Dimension (L*W*H):218*150*29mm
Sensors:Gravity sensor, light sensor

Packing List

1*D7W Smart Diagnostic Tablet
1*Quick Start Guide
1*Packing List
1*Tool Kit 
1*DB15 to OBD2-16 Main Cable
1*Power Charger
1*USB 3.0 Data Cable
1*Charger US
1*Charger UE
1*Charger UK

xtool d7w package list




XTOOL D7W Smart WIFI Scanner Unboxing and Functions Dispay

Technical Support

Comparison among XTOOL D7, XTOOL D7S, XTOOL D7W

Comparison among XTOOL D7, XTOOL D7S, XTOOL D7W

  xtool d7 XTOOL D7S XTOOL D7W
Connection Method Cable Connection(NO BT Transmitter) Cable Connection WIFI Connection
Battery Capacity 4000 mAh 5000 mAh 5000 mAh
Storage 1G+32G 2G+64G 2G+64G
Display 7" Display 7" Display 7" Display
Built-in Camera
OS Android 10 Android 10 Android 10
All Systems Diagnostics, Full Bi-Directional Control
Services 36+ 36+ 36+
Advanced Special Functions Idle Relearn, Fuel Trim Reset, Alcohol Content Reset, VIN Relearn, CAM Crank Relearn, Crankshaft Relearn, SWS Calibration, Yaw Rate Sensor Calibration, HVAC Calibration, Pilot Quantity Learning, Transmission Oil Counter Reset etc Idle Relearn, Fuel Trim Reset, Alcohol Content Reset, VIN Relearn, CAM Crank Relearn, Crankshaft Relearn, SWS Calibration, Yaw Rate Sensor Calibration, HVAC Calibration, Pilot Quantity Learning, Transmission Oil Counter Reset etc Idle Relearn, Fuel Trim Reset, Alcohol Content Reset, VIN Relearn, CAM Crank Relearn, Crankshaft Relearn, SWS Calibration, Yaw Rate Sensor Calibration, HVAC Calibration, Pilot Quantity Learning, Transmission Oil Counter Reset etc
Flash Hidden Functions/ECU Coding/ECU Programming ECU Coding for VW, Audi, Skoda ECU Coding for VW, Audi, Skoda ECU Coding for VW, Audi, Skoda
PMI No No No
Topology Map N/A N/A N/A
Free Software Updates 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Work with KC100/KC501 N Y Y
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