2 Years Free update XTOOL InPlus IK618 Key Programming Tool with KC100 + EEPROM Adapter Full Systems Bi-directional With with ECU Coding CAN FD Replace X100 Pad2 Pro

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Product Description

XTOOL IK618 is an all in one car key programming tool comes with Full IMMO Function: Read PIN, Add Transponder Key, Smart Key/Key Fob/Dealer Key, Remote Learning, Advance ECU Coding & Guided Functions for VAG, Bidirectional Control, Flash Hidden Functions, 31+ Services, All Systems Diagnosis, CAN FD Protocol
2 Years Updates.

XTOOL InPlus IK618 Best Auto Key Programmer Like X100PAD Elite


Top Reasons to get the Xtool XTOOL InPlus IK618:

1. IMMO/Key Programming:
with KC100 key programmer and EEPROM adapter, has the IMMO capatibilities like Read PIN, Add Transponder Key, Smart Key/Key Fob/Dealer Key, Remote Learning, ideal for auto technicians, advance DIY, garage and locksmiths!
2. ECU Coding & Guide: Performs Advanced ECU Coding like Offline ECU coding, match the components, enhance the vehicle performance, fits for VW/for AUDI/for SKODA. Performs VAG Guided Functions to provides step by step instructions to fast complete complicated functions for VW/for AUDI/for SKODA.
3. Refresh Hidden: Enable to flash the higher-level car functions and personalize the car settings. Note: Only compatible for BMW/for VW/for AUDI/for SKODA/for TOYOTA/for LEXUS/for SCION/for MAZDA/for FORD/for LINCOLN.
4. 31+ Maintenance Services
5. OE-Level Full Systems Diagnosis & Bi-Directional Controls
6. Advanced Special Functions: InPlus IK618 also has advanced features like CAM Crank Relearn, Crankshaft Relearn, Idle Relearn, Fuel Trim Reset, Alcohol Content Reset, ABS Initialization, VIN Relearn, HVAC Calibration, and so no. Note: Not universal. Check compatibility with VIN# first before purchase.
7. Refresh hidden functions
8. Smart AutoScan & AutoVIN
9. Support CAN FD Protocol
10. Multi-Language:  English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Arabic, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Polish, Russian, send us the serial number to change. 
11. 2 Years Free Updates
12. Work with XTOOL Key Programmers to Extend IMMO Capabilities: 
KC501 for BMW EWS2/3/4, CAS4/3/2/1, for Porsche, for Audi, for Land Rover, for Volvo key programing etc; 
KS-1 for Toyota, for Lexus Smart Keys A_K_L, 
M821 for Mercedes for Benz A_K_L, 
M822 for Toyota 8A Blade Key A_K_L, etc.

XTOOL InPlus IK618

XTOOL InPlus IK618 with Complete IMMO& key FOB Programming Abilities, Upgraded Ver. of X100 PAD PLUS/PADS

  • Backup IMMO data: Used to read, write and backup the EEPROM chip inside the immobilizer module.
  • Check number of keys: check out how many keys that had been registered to the vehicle right now.
  • Read PIN code& key info: Pull PIN code of the immobilizer of specific vehicles when it requires a pin to get access to the system.
  • Program/Add keys Fobs: Add another new key when you have a key that has already matched to the vehicle.
  • Generate dealer key: Used for generating dealer keys for Volkswagen/ for Audi/ for Fiat/for Renault/for BMW/for Land Rover, etc.
  • Program remote: Read the radio frequencies of the car remotes and program remote keys.
  • All keys losst: Make a new key in the situation where you have no active keys at the moment.
  • EEPROM modification: Allows you to modify EEPROM chip when unsoldered.
  • Write-enable functions: Allows you to write key information inside the dump files.

NOTE: All the mentioned functions vary across vehicles. Please check compatibility with us before purchase!

IK618 support pull pin codes for Dodge Ram 2013-2018.
IK618 support pull pin codes for Dodge Charger/Challenger/300C 2015-2018.
IK618 support read pin codes from OBD for FCA Group(for Fiat/for Chrysler/for Dodge/for Jeep), via VPW protocol.
IK618 cannot support FBS4 infrared key for Benz.

 XTOOL InPlus IK618 key programming

OE Level All Systems Diagnostics

As a Key Programmer & Scan Tool, XTOOL IK618 provides you with Dealership-Level only diagnosis, getting accurate and clear diagnostics across all available automotive systems including: Engine, ABS, BCM, HVAC, SRS, TPMS, TCM and more.

1. Complete Capability for Codes
2. Graphing & Text Live Data Stream (such as Misfire/Transmission Temperature, sensors, etc)
3. Retrieve Freeze Frame
4. Read ECU Information
5. Perform Actuator Tests

Full Bi-Directional Control

XTOOL InPlus IK618 also is a bi-directional scan tool, allow you to request information or command an actuator or subsystem to perform specific tests, while observing the resulting data to troubleshoot and fast repair. Bi-directional Control (aka Actuator Tests) function can save the mechanic/workshop loads of time and help them get through more jobs every day.

1. Fuel Pump Tests

2. Cooling Fan Tests

3. A/C Clutch On/Off Test

4. ABS Motor Pump Test

5. Car Wipers

6. Window, Door, Sunroof, Wipers Tests

7. Sound Horn Test

8. Interior Lighting Test

9. High Beam Test

10. EVAP Tests: EVAP Purge Solenoid Valve, EVAP Vent Solenoid Valve, EVAP Purge/Seal

11. Injector Tests: Injecor Buzz Test, Injector Kill Tests, Injector Cut Out Test

Note: available active tests varies by vehicle system. Please come to us with vehicle Make/ Model/ Year/ VIN to check compatibility before purchase.

XTOOL InPlus IK618 full system

ECU Coding & VAG Guided Functions & Flash Hidden Functions

InPlus IK618 key programmer tool can perform Online ECU Coding on specific For VW, For Audi, For Skoda vehicles to update module software, reprogram the adaptive data after ECU replacements, improve diagnostics efficiency on VAG vehicles with VAG Guided Functions, Personalize car settings to either reveal hidden functions like rear-view mirror folding feature, or disable annoying features like turn off seat belt alarm, daytime running lights, maximum speed limiter and etc.

1. Online ECU Coding for VW/Audi/Skoda

2. Change tire size

3. Components Matching

4. Recode Changed Modules

5. Guided Functions for V.A.G. vehicles

6. Reveal Rear-view mirror folding feature

7. Disable daytime running light feature

8. Disable seat belt alarm beeping feature

9. Remove maximum speed limiter

Live Data Stream: XTOOL InPlus IK618 display live data stream in text or graph like misfire data, engine rpm, transmission oil temperature, mass air flow sensor data, cylinder balance rates, fuel pressure, actual fuel temperature vs desired fuel temperature and etc.

XTOOL InPlus IK618 ecu coding

Key Programming Matching Accessories

XTOOL InPlus IK618 automotive key programming scan tool can perform comprehensive IMMO & Key Programming capabilities includingread PIN code, program new transponder, program blade key, program new key fobs, program smart keys, Remote Learning, check number of keys, remote frequency detect, disable lost keys, add dealer key, A_K_L, read & write EEPROM, IMMO Data Backup/Restore, IMMO ECU Reset/Replacement, parameter reset.

XTOOL InPlus IK618 expanded functions

  • Key Programming for VWAudiSkodaSeatBentley, 4th, 5th, MQB IMMO

  • Key Programing for BMW CAS1/2/3/4

  • Key Programming for Mercedes Benz FEM3

  • Works with KC100 Key Programmer(included): for general purpose key programming

  • Works with EEPROM Adapter(included): for EERPOM reading and writing while key programming;

  • Works with KC501 Key Programmer (not included): for advanced general purpose key programming

  • Works with M821 Key Programmer (not included): for Mercedes Benz A_K_L situation;

  • Works with M822 Key Programmer (not included): for Toyota 8A chip blade key programming;

  • Works with KS-1 Key Programmer (not included): for Toyota & Lexus A_K_L situation;

  • M822 Contains The Functions of M821

31+ Reset Services

1. Oil Reset: Reset service intervals after oil change and turn off the oil light.
2. EPB Reset: Reset brake pads after replacement of brake system.
3. SAS Adjustment: Perform calibration of the steering angle sensor
4. DPF Reset: Perform DPF regeneration
5. BMS Reset: Register the new battery to the ECU after replacement.
6. Throttle Relearn: Enables you to make initial settings to throttle to adjust the amount of air intake.
7. ABS Bleeding: Perform ABS Brake Bleed function to cycle the ABS pump to bleed the air out of the ABS.
8. Injector Coding: Coding injectors after replacement.
9. Transmission Match: Reset the adaptive shifting points in your automatic Transmission Control Unit.
10. Gear Learning: Crankshaft position sensor learns crankshaft tooth machining tolerance and saves to the tablet to diagnose engine misfires more accurately.
11. Key Programming/IMMO: Disable the lo~st vehicle keys and program a new replacement key fob.
12. EEPROM ADAPTER: EEPROM chip stores the immobilizer data (like pincode) and odo~meter data, and sometimes you need to unsolder it to read & write the data inside the chip, flash the data, write start, data recovery, and so on.

XTOOL InPlus IK618 including: Steering position sensor calibration, Zero Point Calibration, Hybrid Control Compression Test, HVAC Control Module Calibrate, Injector balance test, ECU Configuration, VGT Turbo Calibration, Idle Learn Reset, Alcohol Content Reset, ABS Initialization, Seat Weight Sensor Calibration, Fuel Trim Reset, Crankshaft Sensors Relearn, Window Initialization, TPMS Reset, Air Suspension, Injector Coding, Airbag Repair, Cylinder Power Balance, Seat Configurations, Electronic Pump Activation, Disable Transportation, Performance Tire Upgrade, ECU configurations, A/F reset, Language change, Start/Stop Reset, etc.

 XTOOL InPlus IK618  31+ special functions

Key Programming Vehicle Coverage:

Asia: for Toyota,for Lexus, for Honda, forAcura,for Mazda,forNissan, for Infiniti, for Mitsubishi, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for Kia, for Hyundai, for Daewoo, for SSANGYONG, for Proton, etc

Europe: for Audi, for VW, for Skoda, for Seat, for Porsche, for Opel, for Citroen, for Peugeot, for Jaguar, for Land Rover, for Lincoln, for Renault, etc

America: forGM,for Cadillac, for Buick, for Chrysler, forFord etc

China: for Great Wall, for Chery, for Brilliance-auto, for Geely, for LIFAN, for HAFEI, for CHANGAN, for LANDWIND, for BYD,for BYD , for JAC, etc.

Support For LADA and Russian Renault
Support for Brazil Renault and GM with other Brazil car models

Support for Perodua and for Proton Malaysia car models
Support for Renault Megane III with France Car models


XTOOL InPlus IK618 kc100

The KC100 Support for Volkswagen for Audi for Skoda 4th generation, 5th generation, MQB key matching Support for Volkswagen for Audi for Skoda 4-generation 96-bit online, 5-generation online, MQB online key matching Support for BMW CAS1-CAS3 + key matching Support for Land Rover's smart key write start function after 2015 Support for Fiat, for Fischer, 500, for Palio and other models Support for Toyota for Lexus all lost and disassembly-free, can realize 94, 98, 88, A8, A9, 39 simulation key generation

XTOOL InPlus IK618 ks-1

KS-1 for Toyota / for Lexus all keys lost-free disassembly, Five-in-one simulation card for generating emergency simulation keys. Once all the Toyota / Lexus keys are lost, the smart box and other modules in the car need to be disassembled,then turn on the ignition switch, so that the smart key can be removed and added, and the operation is tedious. KS-1 The five-in-one simulation card can eliminate the need to disassemble the smart box and other modules. As long as the original car data is read from the OBD to generate the simulation card, the ignition switch can be turned on to realize the function of clearing and adding the smart key. The free disassembly for all keys lost requires an original car key. By reading and decrypting the original car anti-theft data, writing the data to the simulation card is equivalent to generating an original car key. Then you can follow the key addition process. Support Toyota 94 / D4, 98, 39, 88 / A8, A9 type smart key all-key-lost matching. The simulation card can be reused. After matching the key, turn off the power or remove the battery to restore the initial state. Support generation, copy and simulation of key chip

XTOOL kc501

Powerful in functions and fashionable in appearance, KC501 is a professional Key & chip programmer which can not only read,write keys and read key remote frequency, but also generate dealer keys. It support read and write MCU/EEPROM chips, reach and write Mercedes Infrared keys. Moreover, it support PC connection which brings you better user experience.

KC501 Key & Chip Programmer

·PC Supported
·MCU / EEPROM Chip Read / Write
·ECU Read / Write
·MC9S12 Encrypted Chip Read / Write
·Key Reading / Writing
·Mercedes Infrared Key Reading / Writing
·Finding the Control Frequency
·IC Card Reading / Writing


Operating System:Android 10
Display:7.0-inch touch screen with 1024 × 600 resolution
Sensors:Gravity sensor, light sensor
Auto Input/Output:Microphone, dual speakers
Power and Battery:5000mAh, 3.65V lithium-polymer battery
Power Voltage:5V
Power Consumption:8W
Operating Temperature:-20 to 60℃(-4 to 140℉)
Storage Temperature:-40 to 70℃(-40 to 158℉)
Dimension (L*W*H):249*142*33.5mm

XTool IK618 Packing List:

1*P710 Tablet
1*KC100 Programmer 
1*EEPROM Adapter 
1*Power adapter for Tablet 
1*US Standard Charger 
1*EU Standard Charger 
1*VGA to DB15 Male Main Cable 
1*OBD2-16 Connector
1*USB3.0 Cable
1*Mini USB to USB-C Cable 

XTOOL InPlus IK618

XTOOL InPlus IK618
XTOOL InPlus IK618

XTOOL InPlus IK618



Technical Support

XTOOL InPlus IK618 VS InPlus IP616 VS InPlus IP819 VS X100 PAD PLUS VS X100 PAD3 VS X100 MAX
XTOOL InPlus IK618 VS InPlus IP616 VS InPlus IP819 VS X100 PAD PLUS VS X100 PAD3 VS X100 MAX
  InPlus IK618 InPlus IP616 InPlus IP819 X100 PAD PLUS X100 Pad3 X100 MAX
OE Full Systems Diagnostics
Bi-Directional Controls    
Key Programming
Special Functions 31+ 31+ 31+ 28+ 38+ 42+
Software Update 2-Year Free Lifetime Free Update 3-Year Free 2-Year Free 2-Year Free 2-Year Free
Key Programmer KC100+EEPROM Adapter     EEPROM Adapter KC100+EEPROM Adapter KC501+EEPROM Adapter
Storage 2G+32G 2G+32G 2G+32G 2G+32G 2G+64G 2G+64G
Battery&Display 5,000mAh/7" Touch Screen 5,000mAh/7" Touch Screen 5,000mAh/7" Touch Screen 4,000mAh/7" Touch Screen 10,000mAh/8" Touch Screen 10,000mAh/9.7" Touch Screen
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