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May Sale 3 Years Free Update 2024 XTOOL D9 EV Electric Vehicles Diagnostic Tablet Support DoIP and CAN-FD For Tesla For BYD With Battery Pack Detection+Active Test+ECU Coding

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6 XTOOL D9S: D9 EV Electric Vehicles 2024 XTOOL D9 EV Electric Vehicles Diagnostic Tablet Support DoIP and CAN-FD For Tesla For BYD With Battery Pack Detection+Active Test+ECU Coding
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Product Description

Xtool D9 EV is a professional EV smart diagnostic system. Equipped with a 9.7-inch high-performance long-lasting tablet. The system supports Bluetooth communication, DoIP protocol, and CAN-FD protocol. D9EV supports most EV models in the market, and all the software including APP, diagnostic software, and operating system support online updates. D9EV covers extensive diagnostic functions, including Battery Pack Detection, Tesla diagnosis, Reading ECU Information, Reading/Clear DTCs, Reading Live Data, and IMMO functions more than 40 special functions.

XTOOL D9 EV Diagnostic Tool Energy Vehicles For Tesla/BYD With Battery Pack Dectection


Top 15 Reasons to get the Xtool Xtool D9 EV 

1. For TESLA Adapters with OEM-level diagnostic functions;
2. Battery Pack Detection;
3. Bi-Directional Control/Active Tests
4. Smart AutoVin & Auto Scan
5. Advanced ECU Coding
6. Powerful Key Programming capability
7. Wide Vehicle Coverage
8. Android 10.0 OS + Dual-Band WIFI Frequency
9. 42+ special functions
10. Add Topology Mapping function
11. ADAS calibration supported
12. supports Bluetooth communication, DoIP protocol, and CAN-FD protocol
13. Programmable Module Installation (PMI)
14-3 Year Free Updates for gasoline software, and the new energy software is free for 2 years.
15. Check the functions and car list here

XTOOL D9 EV  - The Most Powerful Scanner with the Highest Investment Potential.

XTOOL D9 EV is A Professional Ev Smart Diagnostic System, Making The Scanner Possible To Diagnose New Energy Vehicles, Including For Tesla,For Byd,For Bmw, For Vw,For Au-Di, Etc. This Automobile Diagnostic Scanner Combines Together Almost Every High-End Diagnostic Feature You Can Think Of, Bringing Repair Stores More Orders.

XTOOL D9 EV Equipped With A 9.7-Inch High-Performance Long-Lasting Tablet. The System Supports Bluetooth Communication, Doip Protocol, And Can-Fd Protocol. D9 ev Supports Most Ev Models In The Market, And All The Software Including App, Diagnostic Software, And Operating System Support Online Updates. D9 ev Covers Extensive Diagnostic Functions, Including Battery Pack Detection, Tesla Diagnosis, Reading Ecu Information, Reading/Clear Dtcs, Reading Live Data, And Immo Functions More Than 42+ Special Functions.

Smart Topology Module Mapping Capability:

Visualize any abnormal modules/systems in your vehicle and their working status.

Battery Pack Test:

Connected through OBD,Reading battery pack data through the port is simple to operate in this case,The OBD port has power supply and can perform complete diagnostic OBD testing.Departure testAfter the battery is removed from the vehicle, the battery pack interface is used to read the electrical discharge test Pool packet data needs to be connected to the lower computer through a jumper, And both the battery pack and the lower computer require external power supply.

Programmable Module Installation (PMI):

Essential Advanced Functions for Ford/Lincoln/Mazda Owners, upload the data from old module to the new module.

Advanced ECU Coding:

Allow you to re-flash the Hidden Functions for personalization, Components Matching after making repairs or replacements, Reinforce Vehicle Performance, etc.

Support CAN FD & DoIP Protocol:

For BUICK/CHEVROLET/ CADILLAC/GMC/HOLDEN/BMW/JAGUAR/LAND ROVER, etc., saving budget on buying adapters.

42+ Special Functions:

Complete a wide array of maintenance functions, such as Camshaft Position Sensor Relearn, Throttle Body/Position Relearn, Zero-Point Calibration, Fuel Trim Reset, and more, which will help you LOWER your maintenance costs.

Powerful Key Programming capability:

Read Pin~code + Add New Keys (Fob/Smart)+ Remote Learning + Key Matching, ALL-KEYS-LO*ST, etc.

Full Bi-Directional Controls:

Send the commands to the ECU and receive the response to perform the actuator tests include the pump / solenoid / injector to find problems and possible solutions.

Dealership Level Full System Diagnostics:

Access ALL diagnostic capable vehicle system, Read/Clear Trouble Codes + 8-in-1 Live Data in Graphing/Text & Data Export/View + Retrieve Freeze Frame + Read ECU Information + Perform Active Tests to quickly locate the issue and troubleshoot it, saving you from missing work in time and going to the dealer.

Product Specifications:

Operating System Android 10
Processor 4 Core 1.80GHz
Memory 2G RAM, 128 ROM
Display 9.7-inch capacitive touch screen with 1024×768P resolution
Connectivity BT
WIFI 2.4/5G Hz
Connectivity Bluetooth
Camera Rear camera, 8.0 Megapixel, AF with Flashlight
Sensors Gravity Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor
Auto Input/Output Microphone
Dual Speakers
Battery 10000mAh, 3.7V lithium-polymer battery
Working Voltage + 9 ~ +36V
Input Voltage 12 V AC/DC power supply
Working Hours 12 hours
Operating Temperature -10 to 50℃
Storage Temperature -20 to 60℃
Humidity <90%
Dimension (L×W×H) 313mm X 218mm X 30mm
Protocol Compatibility CAN-FD, DoIP

Package Includes:
Category No. Name QTY
Test Connectors
1 DB15 to OBD2-16 Main Cable 1
2 USB3.0 Data Cable (Connect to PC) 1
3 TESLA Adapter 1-L1E02 1
4 Universal jumper cables 1
5 Battery Clamp Wire 1
6 USB3.0 To Type-B Main Cable 1
7 TESLA battery pack Adapter J1E04 1
8 TESLA Adapter 2-L1E03 1
9 Universal jumper adapter cables 1
10 Cigar Lighter Cable 1
Main Units
1 P901 Tablet 1
2 Charger DC 12V-3A 1
4 Charger cable 1
1 Color Carton 1
2 Certificate of Quality 1
3 Quick Guide 1
4 Packing List 1
5 Tool Case 1




XTOOL D9 EV Functions Display

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