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XTOOL V-A-G401 V401 OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool for Audi/VW/SEAT/SKODA dedicated Airbag reset ABS code reader for VAG

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Product Description

Xtool V401 is a V-A-G handhold diagnostic tool for VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA. It supports many function such as read and clear fault codes, basic setting, oil reset , srs reset and so on.Support CANBUS and UDS Potocols

Vag401 VW/ AUDI/ SEAT/ SKODA Professional tool

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XTool V-A-G401 is a useful V-A-G handhold diagnostic tool, it is coverage ofVW, AUDI,SEAT, and SKODA from the year 1996 to 2016. V-A-G401 support many system including engine,
auto trans,abs brakes, auto HVAC, airbags and more. V-A-G401 also supports many functions including read and clear fault codes, basic setting, and some special function such as oil reset and srs reset.

Top 4 ReasonstoGet V401

1. Language:English, Deutsch, Espanol, Language can be switched directly in the machine
2. Noneedtoconnectwithcomputer
3. Update:Online (Website:www.xtooltech.com)
4. Supportcarlist:VW,AUDI,SEATandSKODACANBUS and UDS Potocols
5.check the supported functions here

Kindly note:You don't need to update V401, because xtool.co.uk sends you the latest version

V401 Scanner Functions

* Retrieve controller information
* Read DTC
* Clear DTC
* View live data
* Actuation test
* System basic adjustment
* Adaptation
* I/M Readiness

Channel number function:

01 Engine electronics
02 Automatic transmission
03 Anti-lock brakes
15 Airbag
17 Dashboard
35 Central loclk
46 Central comfort module
16 Steering wheel
34 Level control
65 Tire pressure
08 Automatic air conditioning
44 Power steering
25 Immobilizer system
53 Parking bralke
55 Xenon lamp adjustment
56 Radio
76 Parking aid
47 Sound system
37 Navigation system

Special functions:
Battery matching
Gateway can
Battery regulation
Adjustment Injector
AirBag Deactivate/

ABS Bleed

Maintenance reset
Other modle

Airbag reset


A6L 05-08
Other modles

Throttle adjustment

Clear learning value

Read PIN code

Stop/Activate SBC

VW/AUDI oxygen sensor

service light reset

Tilt Angle sensor Calibrate

Bralke pad replacement
Audi A8(D3)
Other modle

Frogram remote
Automatic match
Manual match (before 1999)

Xtool V401 Features

* Natural ergonomic comfort curve design
* Easy-to-read large mono-color screen
* Easy-to-operate large buttons
* Works with Volkswagen and Audi (Audi/ Seat/ S ko da/ Jetta/ Golf / Beetle/ Touareg/ GTI/ Passat and more) since 1990
* Reads and erases Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) of engine, ABS, Airbags,Transmission, Radio, Climate Control (A/C), Central Electrics, Steering Wheel, Instruments, Immobilizer, etc. (over 60 Systems on VAG range ONLY)
* Reads and clears generic trouble codes – KWP-1281 ,KWP-2000(ISO 14230), TP2.0 CAN
* Turns off Engine Warning Light, Airbags, ABS , A/T and other systems on VAG. (only engine system faults in non VAG cars)
* C.A.N.(Controller Area Network) capability
* Super fast One-Click solution of oil reset in VAG up to 2011
* Retrieves vehicle information (VIN)
* Displays I/M Readiness Status
* Displays DTC definitions on unit screen
* Full function support, including adaptation
* Full system support

Supported Systems: Available Functions:
Xtool vag401 diagnostic toolxtool vag401

Special Function:

vag401 vw scannervag401 audi scannerxtool vag401 skoda scanner

vag401 seat scannerxtool vag401 diagnostic toolxtool vag401 audi diagnostic tool

Xtool V401 Using Tips
Prime Fuel Pump after changing TDI fuel filter:
Diagnose > Common System > 01 Engine > 04 Basic Settings > 035 : Pump runs for 30 Seconds.
TRANSMISSION - Reset DSG Adaptives:

Transmission Tolerances (Engaged Calibration):
@ Operating Temp > Park > ER/Hand Brake On > Key On > Diagnose > Common System > 02 Transmission > 04 Basic Settings:
061 > Wait for any numbers to stop changing > Start Car > You'll soon feel the gears cycle, wait for all #s to stop changing > ENTER > Engine Off
(8/30/15) Mine settled at 141, 128, 4, 1

Transmission Tolerances (Synch. Point. Measurement)
@ Operating Temp > Park > ER/Hand Brake On > Key On > Diagnose > Common System > 02 Transmission > 04 Basic Settings:
060 > Key On > Wait for any numbers to stop changing > Start Car > You'll soon feel the gears cycle, wait for all #s to stop changing > ENTER
(8/30/15) Mine settled at 13, 0, 4, 1
DONE, release hand brake, turn car off or drive.

065 (Clutch pressure), all showed 0.00 PSI running or not, so do not know if/how reset.
062/067 - Clutch Adaptation, those numbers did not change. 062 is if Control Module Version is => 0800, else 067.
068 - Clutch Saftey Function, those numbers did not change either.
063 -Reset Values (Steering Wheel Paddle Installation); did not use.
069 -Reset Values (ESP & Tip Cruise Control Installation); did not use.

Windows down via Keyfob adaptation:
Diagnose > Common System > 09 – Central Electronics > Adaptation > 006 > Change 0 to 1 > ENTER
Disclaimer: May be an issue where it sometimes won't let you navigate to Channel 006. It seemed like this issue was prevalent if I you have been
fiddling around in other function areas. However, if you navigate straight to Central Electronics / Adaptation from plug-in, this should work.

Xtool V-A-G401 Appearance:
Xtool V-A-G401 Appearance
Xtool V401
Xtool V401 layout

VAG specification
1. LCD screen: 160*160
2. Enter key: confirm selection and enter
3. Esc key:go back to the previous screens
4. up/down arrows: moves the selection pointer and scrolls up or down
5. LEFT/RIGHT arrows: move cursor.
6. Diagnostic extension cable: OBDII -16PIN


*Display: Backlit, 160 x 160 pixel mono-color screen with contrast adjustment
*Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 50°C (32~122F°)
*Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 70°C (-4~158F°)
*Relative Humidity: < 90%
*External Power: 8~18 Volts via DLC
*Power Consumption: 3W
*Mainframe Dimension: 225mm(L) x 98mm(W) x 36mm(H)
*Exterior Memory: TF Card

XTOOL V401 Reviews:

I received my Xtool VAG401 scanner recently around £36.00with DHL shipment to my place.For anyone else thinking about buying this reader, they're a lot cheaper direct from Xtool.UK company, free postage to UK/IRE
Tried it out straightly on my 2005 Passat and found it quite easy to use. If you have used VCDS VAG COM cable, you can probably figure out how to use this without reading the manual!
They include a microSD card reader used for the updates. They also include a USB cable. The only use I have seen for the cable is to power up the unit from a USB port instead of your car. It came with a 160 * 160 LCD screen, and therefore no need to use a laptop or computer when diagnosing.
The OBDII cable that hooks between the VAG401 scan tool and the car is a straight-thru cable. There are no components in the back shell of the OBDII connector. The other end has a 15 pin male d-sub connector.
I was able to use mine to read out the key code from the dash. I verified that it was the same as one I had gotten previously from VAG- Tacho. This is on my Passat TDI.
It reads error codes just like VCDS, although there is no auto scan function to scan all modules that I can find. It has successfully found all installed features on both my Passat and my friends Allroad. Both of my cars are dual knot CANbus. I have not tried it on CANbus car yet.
The best way I can describe the interface to the modules is the older VCDS lite interface. The original module menus were almost a copy of VCDS, although the latest update simplified them somewhat.
It supposedly can match keys to the dash/immobilizer, although I have not tried it. It has a few other functions that VCDS does not have, such as mileage changes, etc. It can code modules, do adaptations, etc.
I figured out to update mine. Download the update application from the Xtools website, and use the VAG401 serial number as the user name, and the password from the about screen as the password. You do not need to register.
I downloaded the updates, and it said the update was successful. When I started the diagnosis, it loaded a new .bin file. Menus changed somewhat, and new options were added.
I got it in a couple of days. If you travel a lot, you can keep it in the car. You do not need a computer or power supply to use it, which is great. It has a lot of capability for the money and is very convenient. However, user support is nonexistent, so being previously familiar with VCDS is a definite plus. I can not speak for how well it works on current model cars.

Customers' feedback:
1. Hi, have V401, trying to reset Golf mk6 2010 airbag. Airbag reads as VW10. In th erest page no VW10 appears , VW3, VW5, VW6 but no VW10. Am I doint something wrong? thnaks

Solved: Hi, Thanks for coming back to me. I managed to sort out the problem. The communication between car and unit takes a long time, so long that I had assumed it had frozen. However now I have been a bit more patient it presented me with the expected fault codes and then allowed me to reset.
So ultimately this is down to user error / impatient.
One improvement you could do is mention in your documentation that the communication time can vary between the different parts of the car its communicating with.
Apart from that all good.
First pic is the scan showing the airbag as VW10

Second and third pic are the fault codes.

XTool V401 V-A-G OBD Scanner FAQ 
 Product/Customer Support

Q: Are there any XTool FAQs, Wiki pages or Forums?
A: User Manual only. No additional product support, Wiki, Forum or FAQs on the company's web site. There are various tutorials and reviews available on Youtube and other VAG Forums.

Software Update
Q: Is it easy to access and does it update frequently?
A: Updates are done through the company's web site. Last software updates Rev (7.1) from 2013
VAG software specific and not a generic OBD reader. Users should be aware of the "Failure to connect" message which has been attributed to vehicles with aftermarket head units. Looking through Amazon customer comments, the device is also reported to be "a bit slow" in connecting and running fault scans but that could be attributed to the vehicles given this can be used on vehicles as old at 1996.

Capabilities & Limitations (What can it do or not do?)
Q: User Interface - is it intuitive or is there a steep learning curve?
A: No factory supports beyond the user manual. Users report they have to search Google or YouTube in order to do anything beyond the scope of the User Manual.

Q: Data Export - Can you save or export the results as a txt file or other format?
A: Data can be saved but is only exportable in Chinese, so exports are basically unusable. Therefore the results of an Auto Scan cannot be exported as a text file.

Q: Can it clear faults?
A: Yes. Auto scan and fault clearing are possible.

Q: Adaptations & Basic Settings - Can it perform these functions?
A: Yes. But it's not known to what extent Adaptations are possible. (e.g. Unknown if the Roadster Roof Adaptation is available.)

Q: Service Reset - Can you do a service reset? (e.g. reset period for next oil change)
A: Yes.

Q: Output Tests - Can it perform them? (e.g. cooling fan, fuel pump, etc.)
A: Yes.

Q: Measuring Block Data - Can you see single or multiple data blocks?
A: Yes. But you will need to know which blocks you want to view.

Q: Live Data - Can it create and/or output live charts or graphs?
A: No. It only displays with pure numbers.

Q: Long Code changes - Does it support changing the long codes and how easy is it to do?
A: Can be done but not an easy task given there's no factory information on how to do it.

Q: Vehicles Supported - how many vehicles can you use this on?
A: Unlimited number of vehicles.

Q: Additional Costs - any sort of "pay as you go" or recurring charges/subscription fees?
A: There are no additional costs after the initial purchase.

Q: Others
1.) Is it possible to export an Auto Scan as a text file using the SD card and then upload it to a PC?
2.) Is it VAG software specific like VCDS and OBDeleven or just a generic OBD reader?
A: 1).The XTool is VAG specific.
There is no way to export data directly from the tool itself. When I have the chance I will examine the file structure on the MicroSD card and provide an update with what I find.
2).The VAG401 is not a cheap alternative to VCDS but instead an addition to VCDS that can be kept in the vehicle. Supposedly it can do everything VCDS can do. But V401 xtool is better to do simple jobs over VCDS, such as check for errors, reset an accidental airbag trip or service reminder in less time than it takes to boot up VCDS, but if you plan on a lot of custom tweaks & adaptations you'll likely be frustrated.

(Credit to Andrew White from Audi UK TT Forum)

Package List

1pc x V401MainUnit
1pc x OBD 16PinCable
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x UserManual
1pc x Reader



Technical Support

Part1 : XTOOL VAG401 Update
Part2: Xtool V401 Chassis Systems, Comfort systems, Common system
Part3: V-A-G Scanners: XTOOL V401 vs. Ancel VD500 vs. Autophix V007


Although there are many XTOOL VAG401 update tutorials and blogs on the internet, some customers also don’t know how to update the software successfully. These issues appear such as the VAG401 white screen and cannot access to the corresponding files, etc. Check this post and find the solution.

The possible cause for the issues above is that you use the incorrect XTOOL Upgrade Tool (e.g TP150/TP200).

The related solution:
1.The solution for XTOOL V401 white screen:
Step 1: Format the original TF (SD) card
Step 2: Download XTOOL upgrade tool
Step 3: Install upgrade tool onto SD card again.

2.Guide to update XTOOL VAG401 correctly:
Step 1: Visit XTOOL official website: xtooltech.com-> click [Download Update Tools] at the bottom of the home page to download “XTOOL upgradetool v2.0.57” automatically and install manually

Step 2: Connect VAG401 and computer via the USB cable
Step 3: Scroll until you see the "About" Select Enter.
Find your serial number (username) and password to register XTOOL website.

Note: Your username is your S/N, it is listed on this screen (Also can be found on the back of your device, it will start with and include VAG401-) and the password can be found on the bottom of this page, literally labeled "Password".
Step 4: Take out the SD card from XTOOL VAG401
Insert the card in a USB card reader and plug reader to laptop
And then you will see XTOOL Upgrade Tool interface, and click “Upgrade” to update until the process is done!

Part2: Xtool V401 Chassis Systems, Comfort systems, Common system

Chassis Systems:

03--Anti-lock brakes

13-Automatic distance

23-Brake booster

43-Auxiliary brake

53-Parking Brake

04-Steering angle

controlled suspension

24-Anti-skid system

34-Level control
44-Power Steering

54-After the choke

64-Stabilization system

74-Chassis Control


55-Xenon lamp

65-Tire Pressure

58-Auxiliary fuel tank

1b-steering system

42-Electric door driving position

52-Passenger seat
electric door

62-Left rear door

72-Right rear door

78 -Right sliding door

0D-Left sliding door
syst em
2B-Steering column lock

Comfort systems:

35-Central Lock

45-Internal Control

63-driver's side of the
auxiliary into the

73-Into the passenger
side of the auxiliary

7d-Assisted heating

0b -Heated secondary air

06-Passenger seat
memory seat

16-Steering wheel
26-Automatic sunroof

36-The driver-seat

46-Central Comfort

66-Passenger side back
seat control

08-Automatic air

18-Auxiliary heating

Common system:


01-Control Unit Info

02-Read Fault Codes

05-Clear Fault Codes

08-Data block Measur ement

03-Test actuator

04-Basic settings


07-Code Module

11-Code Module II

16-Access permission

1A-Advance ID


03-Anti-lock bralkes

08-Automatic air

09-Central control


16-Steering wheel


19-Gateway can
25-Immobilizer system

35-Central Lock

37-Navigation system

44-Power Steering

45-Internal Control

46-Central Comfort

53-Parking Brake

55-Xenon lamp
a djustment

76-Parking Aid

28-Rear air

38-Electric sunroof

48-Driver's side back
seat control
68-Wiper Systems

1c-Level perceptual

3c-Lane change

4c-II tire pressure

5c -Lane keeping

6c-Baclaup cam.
10-Parking /turning
89 Multicont,Seat Pass.

Electric systems 1:

05-Access /start
authorization system

25-Immobilizer system



76-Parking Aid

7-Head control


27-After the head

3T -Hawigation system

ar-Sound System

57-TV tuner

67 -Volume control

77-Car Phone

09-Central Electric

19-Gateway can

29-Left headlight

39-Right headlight

20-High Beam Assistance

49-Automatic headlights

59-Traction Starnd


3B Sensor Elect.

85 0n Board Cam.

8B Adaptire Cruise 2

8E Image Processing

8F Pretens.Frt Left

90 Pretens.Frt Right

Electric systems 2:

authentication system

2d-Intercom system

3d-Special functions

4d-Date adjustmernt


6d-Electric trurk lid

De-1 multimedia Player

1e-2 media player

2e-3 multimedia player

3e-4multimedia player

4e-Right rear head

5e -Left rear head

6e -Head soft-top
display /control
7e -Dash display unit

0f-Digital radio

1f-Fixed tuner

2f-Digital TV

4f-Central Electric ii
5f-Message options

6f-Central comfort
module ii




11-Engine ii

21-Engine iii

31-Other engines

41-Diesel pump


61-Battery regulatiorn

71 -Battery charger

22-Awd wheel drive

Part3: V-A-G Scanners: XTOOL V401 vs. Ancel VD500 vs. Autophix V007
Product name
Ancel VD500
Autophix V007
 Xtool V401 (VAG401)
 Ancel VD500
 Autophix V007
Amazon price
Full OBDII Functions
Full System Diagnosis
View live data
Actuation test
I/M Readiness
TP position check
Brake pad reset
Works with Volkswagen and Audi (Audi/ Seat/ Skoda/ Jetta/ Golf / Beetle/ Touareg/ GTI/ Passat and more) since 1990
for diagnosing most 12V 16-Pin Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda/SEAT V/A Series vehicles, but it also has the ability to work on 12V cars and light trucks (non-electric) manufactured in 1996 or later that are OBD II-compliant with 16-Pin OBD II protocols (J1850 VPM, J1850PWM, ISO9141, KWP 2000 and CAN).
Works for Seat / Skoda / Jetta / Golf / Beetle / Touareg / GTI / Passat, etc; works on all after 1996 OBD II compliant US, European and Asian vehicles. Supports all V/A Diagnositc protocols (KWP1281\ KWP 2000\ TP-CANBUS \ NEW UDS) and ALL OBD II protocols (CAN, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO9141 and KWP 2000)
English, German, Spanish
English and German
 English and German
Free update online (Website:www.xtooltech.com)
Provides life-time free software updates to fix the latest bugs or add new parameters (Download from official website)
 Free update online (only supported by Windows 7/8/10)
1.Very affordable; great value for money;
2.Memory card for updating software and saving reports;
3.Portable, handheld device;
4.Adapt and code system performance;
5.Can retrieve immobilizer PIN codes;
6.Perform actuation tests and stream live data
1.Compatible with every OBD2-compliant VW and Audi vehicles;
2.Very affordable for its range of functions;
3.English and German menu language options;
4.Complete OBD2 system diagnostics;
5.Offers VW and Audi specific functions
portable handheld;
2.Compatible with all OBD2-compliant Audi and VW vehicles;
3.Full OBD2 functionality;
4.2.8-inch clear display with an easy to use interface;
5.Standalone device
1.No built-in battery;
2.No freeze frame data
1.Compatibility issues with some older models
2.No live data or freeze frame data support
1.Low in data relay
2.Slow in pulling out data
3.No live data
4.No freeze frame data
Who is it for?
For Audi enthusiast and small garage owners.
For anyone with a VW vehicle including both DIYers and enthusiasts.
For auto mechanics from the novice all the way to the professional. DIY Audi lovers would love it as well.
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