Xtool Tablet Series Car Diagnosis FORD V12.50

Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian


1.Special features such as audio, module initialization, FFH start heater application, PATS function (part), driver seat module, PCM service function, and vehicle data re-learning are added to models prior to Ford 2018.

2.Added the manual maintenance function of Ford 2014-2019.

3.Added Ford 2018-2020 new model Reset KAM, steering angle matching, ABS Service Bleed, electronic brake, tire pressure reset, remote start, IVD initialization sequence, module reset, fuel injector, power balance, DPF (diesel particulate filter) manual regeneration, diesel particulate filter reset, power window initialization, etc special function.

Supplementary note:

XTOOL tablet series include two categories' products of "key programmer" and "diagnosis tool". Key programming tools like X100 Pad3 and X100 Pad2 pro support car diagnosis, the difference is X100 Pad3 supporting all-system diagnosis while X100 Pad2 Pro only four systems. All the products of the category of "diagnosis tool" such as PS90 pro, A80 H6 and EZ500 support car diagnosis. One of the big difference is whether the specified product supporting full-system diagnosis or not. This is also one of the reason why the price for each product of this category varies differently.

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