[Software Update] Xtool Tablet Series Car Diagnosis LANDROVER V10.48

Tablet Series Car Diagnosis LANDROVER V10.48

Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian,Vietnamese,Arabic

1. Comprehensive new additions: drive train settings-speed limit, drive train-high pressure jet pump replacement, drive train-experimental correction memory, brake system-steering angle sensor calibration, brake system-yaw rate sensor calibration, drive train -Powertrain control module adaptive clearing, powertrain-high pressure fuel pump replacement reset, powertrain-oil replacement reset, powertrain-Lambda sensor gain adjustment reset, powertrain-fuel injector replacement reset, powertrain- Exhaust gas recirculation throttle valve replacement reset, drive train-exhaust gas recirculation valve replacement reset, drive train-turbocharger replacement reset, drive train-mass air flow sensor replacement reset, drive train-diesel particulate filter pressure Sensor replacement reset, power train-diesel particulate filter reset, configuration of new module-digital audio control module C, configuration of new module-headlight control module, configuration of new module-parking assist control module, configuration of new module-restraint device Control module, configure new module-vehicle dynamic control module, auxiliary heater-auxiliary heater start test, auxiliary heater-auxiliary heater fuel delivery test, suspension system-set/cancel air suspension manufacturing/freeze mode, parking assist Control module-front parking assist sensor "auto-open" start, drive train-purge valve self-check, configure new module-audio front control module, configure new module-auxiliary protocol interface module, configure new module-cell phone control module, Configure new module-digital audio broadcasting module, configure new module-front control/display interface module (high-level display front), configure new module-headlamp control module'B', configure new module-rear entertainment control module, configure new Module-front control interface module (heating, ventilation and air conditioning control), configuration new module-front control interface module'B' (front audio control panel), configuration new module-parking brake control module, configuration new module- Constraint occupant classification system module, configuration new module-satellite audio unit module, configuration new module-TV module, configuration new module-all terrain control module, configuration new module-steering angle sensor module, configuration new module-voice recognition control module, seat Chair-Entry/exit seat activation, body system-valet parking mode reset, drive train settings-fuel water detection reset, drive train settings-throttle actuator, drive train settings-turbine shut-off valve, drive train settings- Oxygen sensor, drive train settings-oxidation catalyst, rear differential control module-control module calibration, image processing module camera-camera automatic learning program, drive train-fuel lift pump, entertainment system-information and entertainment system initialization timer, Configure new module-audio head unit-low end, configure new module-shift module, configure new module-navigation control module, configure Existing modules-restraint device control module, audio system-calibrated dynamic volume control, image processing module Camera-camera calibration, entertainment system-DVD zone counter reset, configuration new module-speed control module, configuration new module-image processing control module , Configure new modules-universal proximity sensor module, drive train settings-diesel particulate filter differential pressure sensor replacement, drive train settings-diesel fuel re-initialization, special applications-parking assist control module reset, drive train-diesel Particulate filter replacement, configuration of new modules-adaptive damping control module, body system-roof sunroof cover operation-enable, active damping control module-establishment mode, active damping control module-calibration acquisition, drive train-oil Repair counter reset, entertainment system-energy-saving enhanced functions, configuration new module-side object detection control module-left, configuration new module-CD player, configuration new module-pedal control module, configuration new module-rear climate seat module, Pedal control module-maintenance mode is enabled, pedal control module-maintenance mode is disabled, auxiliary heater-auxiliary heater configuration check, drive train setting-exhaust gas recirculation valve, entertainment system-information and entertainment system timer reduced, configuration New module-audio amplifier module, configuration new module-starter control unit, configuration new module-vehicle stop device control module (steering column lock), seat-driver side seat calibration, seat-seat cover replacement , Special applications-transmission mode, drive train-shift selector sensor calibration, brake system-lateral accelerometer calibration, brake system-pressure sensor calibration, brake system-longitudinal accelerometer sensor calibration, brake system-rolling speed Sensor calibration, lighting-headlight control module system calibration, body system-driver side-door glass window calibration, body system-passenger side-door glass window calibration, body system-crash state reset, heating and ventilation-humidity Sensor replacement, heating and ventilation-seat heater module calibration, auxiliary heater-auxiliary heater routine preparation, combination meter control module-information center display contrast, combination meter control module-fuel consumption unit, drive train-throttle valve Actuator replacement, drive train-fuel pump supply pipe-enable/disable, brake system-ABS configuration clear, entertainment system-reset navigation, configure new module-FCIMC, body system-power steering soft lock stop position Set routines, body system-lock steering wheel tuning to the vehicle, dynamic response module-clear adaptive data, configure new module-power inverter converter module, configure new module-head-up display cooling fan module, remote communication control module-remote Communication service Server communication check, remote communication control module-pre-activated remote communication control module, remote communication control module-reset/clear WiFi hotspot, remote communication control module-network registration status, remote communication control module-remote communication-operation mode, remote Communication control module-remote communication control module battery replacement reset, seat-calf rest calibration, seat-driver seat massage on-demand self-test, seat-passenger seat massage on-demand self-test, seat-right rear seat Chair massage on-demand self-test, seat-left rear seat massage on-demand self-test, brake system-brake pedal position sensor-calibration, body system-roof sunshade-calibration, body system-ignition cycle counter reset , Heating and ventilation-seat climate control module calibration, special applications-parking assist switch-enable/disable, special applications-parking assist control module reset configuration state, remote communication control module-test internal backup battery, remote communication control module -Emergency call and fault call switch lighting test, seat-rear seat calibration-driver side, seat-rear seat calibration-passenger side, body system-rain sensor calibration, new module configuration-shift module B , GSMB-shift position learning, heating and ventilation-air conditioning compressor running-in, heating and ventilation-climate seat unlocking, heating and ventilation-resetting the air conditioning compressor, auxiliary heater-activating parking heating, configuring new modules-interaction Display module, heating and ventilation-save the internal settings of the climate control module, configure the new module-expandable towbar control module, heating and ventilation-stepper motor initialization, heating and ventilation-actuator end stop detection, heating and ventilation -Reprogram all stepper motors, unlock the expandable towbar, restore the expandable towbar, retract the expandable towbar, expand the expanded towbar, expand the towbar speaker test, configure a new module-tire pressure monitor Module, software enhancement program-rearview mirror personalization function, drive train-drive shaft balance, add/remove accessories-rearview mirror personalization function, configure new module-foldable roof control module, configure new module-heater and air conditioning Control module, configure new module-integrated control panel, drive train-engine control module VIN read into the application, add/remove accessories-instrument cluster-Russian selection, brake system-brake disc wear protection reset, configure new module- Folding top control module B, remote communication control module-activate remote communication control module, safety-passive entry/passive start enabled, transfer case-calibration clutch, transfer case-oil replacement reset, configure new module-central junction box configuration Update, configure new module-collision classification system, XF--pre-sales update-central junction box configuration update, add Add/remove accessories-passenger restraint disable switch, configuration new module-gateway module, configuration new module-rear climate control module, entertainment system-InControl Touch Pro wireless headset system self-test, entertainment system-InControl Touch Pro auxiliary electric cooling fan test , Entertainment system-InControl Touch Pro engineering interface enabled, entertainment system-InControl Touch Pro SiriusXM? logo display, entertainment system-InControl smart control exclusive touch customer PIN reset, body system-variable power steering curve path programming, Powertrain-Clear the stored carbon particle filter value, parking brake-brake caliper replacement assembly test, parking brake-parking brake pad replacement-release to the maintenance position, parking brake-parking brake pad replacement -Exit the maintenance mode application, parking brake-Apply and release the electric parking brake, deployable side pedal-Operate the left deployable side pedal, deployable side pedal-Operate the right deployable side pedal, safe -Anti-theft lock antenna unit functional inspection, safety-Check all antennas, body system-door and window calibration, drive train-transmission control module adjustment value cleared, drive train-transmission clutch bite point test, drive train-diesel exhaust oil injection Pump replacement, drive train-diesel exhaust gas tank level sensor replacement, drive train-this routine will reset the flight recorder data, drive train-engine control module low pressure EGR adaptive value clear, drive train-engine control module vortex Valve adaptive value is cleared, powertrain-engine control module mass air flow adaptive value is cleared, powertrain-engine control module resets the crankcase pressure sensor, powertrain-engine control module resets the fuel pump adaptive value, powertrain- Injector valve test, drive train-enable/disable glow plug, drive train-display injector correction factor, drive train-reset selective catalytic reduction start prohibition, head-up display-activate test picture, head-up display-head-up display control Module reset, all-wheel drive-higher fuel temperature reset, all-wheel drive-system flushing, all-wheel drive-calibration, all-wheel drive system-pump ventilation, all-wheel drive system-pump discharge, special application-vehicle reset, Special application-IPMA AEB data reading, special application-restraint construction mode, battery-quiescent current control module internal inspection, remote communication control module-remote communication SIM card type, lighting-automatic high beam camera calibration, parking brake-parking Car brake activation, adaptive speed control-speed control calibration, parking Brake-longitudinal accelerometer calibration, adaptive speed control-speed control internal state, power train-evaporation system diagnostic test, power train-fuel preparation routine program, configuration new module-ABS control module, configuration new module-vehicle anti-theft lock control Module, configuration new module-image processing control module A, seat-passenger side seat calibration, seat-rear seat-calibration-right, seat-rear seat-calibration-left, special application-maintenance interval Reset, power train-air passage setting program.

2. New model support:
Land Rover: Discoverer (L462) 2017 and later BCM (body control module), GWM (gateway module), IPC (combined instrument control module), PCM (transmission system control module), code reading, code clearing, reading version information, Read the data stream. Discover Shenxing (L550) In 2018, AAM (audio amplifier module), ABS (ABS control module), ACM (audio front control module), ATCM (all terrain control module), AUCM (head-up display cooling fan module), AWD ( All-wheel drive module), BCM (body control module), CCM (speed control module), DDM (driver side door module), DRDM (driver side rear door module), DSM (driver side seat module) , GPSM (universal proximity sensor module), GSM (shift module), GWM (gateway module), HCM (headlight control module A), HUD (head-up display), HCVAC (heating air conditioning control module), IMC ( Infotainment controller), IPC (combined instrument control module), IPMA (automatic high beam control module), IPMB (image processing module B), ISC (infotainment slave controller), OCS (constrained member classification control module), PAM (Parking Assist Control Module), PCM (Transmission System Control Module), PDM (Passenger Side Door Module), RCM (Restriction Device Control Module), RAF (Remote Control Function Actuator), RGTM (Rear Door/Luggage Module) , SASM (steering angle sensor), SODL (side object detection control module left), SODR (side object detection control module right), SUMB (suspension control module B), TBM (traction rod control module), TCM (transmission control module) ), TCU (throttle control unit), TPM (tire pressure monitor module), VIM (vehicle anti-theft locking control module), reading code, clear code, reading version information, reading data stream. Discovery of Shenxing (L550) 2019 and later BCM (body control module), GWM (gateway module), IPC (combined instrument control module), PCM (transmission system control module), read code, clear code, read version information, read data flow. Aurora (L538) 2018 and later AAM (audio amplifier mode

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H6 Pro Master(Xtool A80 PRO)
H6 EB (Xtool A80 H6)
H6 Elite
PS80 (XTOOL EZ500)
Malaysia Version XTOOL EZ400 PRO
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