Xtool X100 PAD2 Pro VAG 4th 5th immo key programming

XTOOL KC100 Auto Key Programmer Adapter Work with XTOOL X100 PAD2 PAD 2 for 4th / 5th VW IMMO Key in Code Readers& Scan Tools.
Today,we used Xtool X100 Pad2 Pro with KC100 key programmer to program a new key for Audi Q5 via OBD, only need 3 min with main 4 steps.
Main steps:
  • Step 1: Read immokey data
  • Step 2: Show immokey data
  • Step 3: Make dealer key
  • Step 4: Match the key

The procedure:
Use the main cable and OBDII connector to connect between X100 PAD 2 and the car’s OBD port
Enter X100 PAD2 main menu
Select immobilization>> VW>> agree with the disclaimer>> 4th/ 5th Immobilizer system
Turn on the ignition switch with one working key
Select 5th Immobilizer system>> Match the key
Then go to perform the 4 main functions
Step 1: Read immokey data
Enter a filename to save the original immo key data has been read out
Turn the ignition on, the condition of the missing keys all, open the headlights, and the brakes and then confirm
Wait for data to be read…
Read immokey process is completed

Step 2: Show immokey data
The security data info incl. VIN, keys number and so on.
The current key number is 1.
Step 3: Make dealer key
Use the TYPE-C to mini USB cable to connect between Xtool PAD 2 and KC100
Put the key into the coil of Xtool KC100 key programmer
Select Create A4/A5/Q5 key
Confirm the key is ready to add to the coil
Make dealer key successfully

Step 4: Match the key
Take out the key from Xtool KC100 adapter
Then input the number of keys to match
Turn on the ignition switch
Note: If all keys lost, insert one dealer key into the ignition switch or make it close to the induction coil.
The meaning of the key number on the dashboard:
1/2= 1st key added & waiting for 2nd key
2/2= 2nd key added
The dashboard shows 1/2, so go to remove the original key, and insert the second key to match
The key is matched successfully, and the number turns to 2 now.
The key is matched successfully!
Finally, check the new key, works fine!

Done! That’s the whole process to do new key programming for Audi Q5 by using XTOOL X100 PAD 2 with KC100.
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