How to fix your Xtool Storage space is running out

Sometimes, when you use Xtool scanner such as X100 PAD2, you may get an error message “Storage space is running out” as shown in the following picture. Don't worry! Check the solution in this post.
Xtool Scanner Error “Storage space is running out
The solution offered by engineer:
What you can do is that delete all infrequently used files or old software to free up space. Please operate step by step as below.
Step 1: Open the app and find the Report
How to solve Xtool “Storage space is running out 01
Step 2: Find the "File Management" menu
How to solve Xtool “Storage space is running out 02
Step 3: Select the "Edit", click on the unneeded car
How to solve Xtool “Storage space is running out 03
Step 4: Remove redundant models to retain storage space
How to solve Xtool “Storage space is running out 04
Please kindly notice:
This solution also applies to the XTOOL error “Not enough storage space is available!!!
XTOOL error “Not enough storage space is available!!!
It can be used for all XTOOL tools incl. XTOOL A80 PRO ,XTOOL PS90, PS90 Pro, X100 PAD, X100 PAD2, X100 PAD3 ELITE, XTool EZ300 Pro,XTool EZ400 pro, etc.
Customer Feedback:
  • Yes, there is no space to download all updates from all continents, we should only update to the continent we work on.
  • I reset everything and went back to updating, but it is very important that you have all the user's license data and that they are valid, if you have won the updates you will not be able to install anything else.
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