Xtool Tablet Series Car Diagnosis BENZ V19.60

Languages Supported: Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian,Vietnamese


Added programming functions for the following systems of C (204), GLK (204), E (212), M/GLE (166), GL/GLS (166) models

1.Engine, VGS-transmission control, ADS-adaptive damping system, AHE-trailer identification device, AISP-anti-glare interior rearview mirror, AMGDRVU-drive unit, AMGPM-high-performance media, BMS-battery management system, CAMERA -360° camera, CGW-central gateway, CNG-compressed natural gas, COMAND-operation, display and control unit or audio, DBE-roof control panel, DC/DC-DC/DC converter, DCULF-left front door, DCULR- Left rear door, DCURF-right front door, DCURR-right rear door, DFOL-left display in the rear passenger area, DFOR-right display in the rear passenger area, DSI-direct selection interface, DTR-distance control system, EDW-car activity sensor, EDW-anti-theft alarm system/anti-trailer protection/car activity sensor, EFB-electric parking brake, EKMK-electric refrigerant compressor, ENR-electronic level adjustment, ESA-front passenger seat electronics Seat adjustment, ESP-electronic driving stability system, EWM-electronic gear selector module, EZS-electronic ignition switch, FSCU-fuel pump, FSW-windshield wiper, FWGW-chassis gateway, HBF-rear operation panel, HKS- Rear panel control system, IC-combination instrument, ISM-shift module, KG-keyless start, KIW-combination instrument with maintenance cycle display, KOMO- telematics, LRH-steering wheel heating device, MCU-multi-function control Unit, MFK-multifunctional camera, MRM-steering column module, MSS-multifunctional control unit, NSA-night vision assist, OBF-upper operating area, PARK-parking system, PSD-'panoramic sliding sunroof' control module, PTCU -Standard powertrain controller, PTS-parking positioning system, RC-roll control, RDK-tire pressure detection system, REAR-rear control unit, REVETRLF-left front reversible seat belt tensioner, REVETRRF-right front reversible seat belt tensioner Tensioner, RFK-reversing camera, SCCM-steering column module, SCR-selective catalytic reduction, SGAWF-"anti-collision assist system" control unit, SGR-radar ranging sensor control unit, SGSOGE-electric vehicle sounder, SGSOGEAGA- Sounder for exhaust system, SRS-auxiliary protection device, TSGHL-left rear door, TSGMF-right front door, TSGMR-right rear door, TSGVL-left front door, UBF-with window lifter function Lower control panel, UBF-lower operating area, VG-transfer box, WSS-weight sensing system, ZAN-audio/cab management and data system display, ZBE-audio/cab management and data system operating unit, ZGW -Central gateway, hazard warning light system, off-road operation panel

Supplementary note:

XTOOL tablet series include two categories' products of "key programmer" and "diagnosis tool". Key programming tools like X100 Pad3 and X100 Pad2 pro support car diagnosis, the difference is X100 Pad3 supporting all-system diagnosis while X100 Pad2 Pro only four systems. All the products of the category of "diagnosis tool" such as PS90 pro, A80 H6 and EZ500 support car diagnosis. One of the big difference is whether the specified product supporting full-system diagnosis or not. This is also one of the reason why the price for each product of this category varies differently.

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