XTOOL Anyscan A30 Code Reader Mercedes-Benz C250 Quick Scan

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[UK/US Ship No Tax] XTOOL A30 OBD2 Full system Auto Diagnostic tool code reader DPF regeneration EPB reset For Android & IOS online

[UK/US Ship No Tax] XTOOL A30 OBD2 Full system Auto Diagnostic tool code reader DPF regeneration EPB reset For Android & IOS online

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Xtool Anyscan is a full system diagnosis kit and easy to carry in your pocket, working together with mobile phones and tablets. Both iOS and Android platforms are supported. Full brands and systems are covered. What's more, it has many special functions, such as service light reset, DPF regeneration and EPB reset.

I have recently purchased the XTOOL Anyscan A30 Code Reader for my Mercedes-Benz C250. I want to install the turbo but before that, I need to make sure everything about my car works a hundred percent well. No check engine lights, no faults, no issues. I'm so happy with this unit bought from xtool.co.uk.

See what I have got from the product package:

Anyscan A30 unit, extension cable, Certificate of Quality (Activation Code contained), Instruction Manual.

Let's get started to the quick scan test.

Step-by-step guide:

Download the (Anyscan A30) APP from Google play or App store

Activate the APP with the activation code and product serial number

Then, we have to plug the Anyscan code reader into the car’s OBD port. (You can use the extension cable depending on personal needs or habit)

Already connect the code reader to my iPad and the APP is activated that can be normally used.

Choose the vehicle model(Depending on your car manufacturer):

Select “Europe”>>”BENZ”>>”C-Class/CLK/CLA”>>”C-Class”>>”204”>>”Gasoline”

Then, we enter into the “Information” interface.

Two options for us to choose: Quick Test or Control Unit.

Here, let’s choose “Quick Test” to begin the scan process.

The code reader will automatically begin the scanning process until the jog is done.

Whether the modules of the car have any fault code or not will be directly displayed on the screen.

As for my Mercedes-Benz, here are 67 different modules being scanning, it would take a few minutes. So no choice but to wait.

Now, the scan is completed.

It says there is a fault with the ignition switch so let’s get a look into that and then I have a few other fault sets it’s related to some of my LED bulbs which is a non-issue.

Click “number 7:EZS-Electronic ignition switch”>>”Diagnosis” on the bottom left

It will come to the “Read Trouble Code” interface.

It will tell you the specific explanation of the corresponding trouble code.

I did some quick research about the fault code and it looks like it’s really not an issue unless my ignition is at fault and it doesn’t work, but everything works fine.

So I’m gonna clean all the codes. Click “Clear All DTCs” to get it done.

Here is another important procedure you guys have to know.

You can enter into the “Control Unit” in the “Information” interface. Then, you can test like everything on the car.

Seven major control units of Drive, Chassis, Body, Information and communication, Seats and Doors, Air conditioning and Driver assistance system.

This is actually very easy-to-use and powerful code reader.

Remember one last thing we have to do after this scan test?

YES. Please remember to unplug the connector from car’s OBD port.

That’s all for today. Hope you guys like it and get one from the website of xtool.co.uk.

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