XTOOL AD10 APP Download,register and Diagnosis Test

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[UK/EU Ship No Tax] XTOOL AD10 OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Work with IOS/ Android With HUD Head Up Display

[UK/EU Ship No Tax] XTOOL AD10 OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Work with IOS/ Android With HUD Head Up Display

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XTOOL AD10 is a newest vehicle OBD2 diagnostic tool.It supports engine / chassis / body / electrical equipment system diagnosis.Automatically identify the car, read the car's error code,interpret various common codes in detail to make it easy for car owners to understand car problems.Comes with vehicle performance PK leaderboards, upload to Facebook at any time to share with friends

How to download XTOOL AD10 APP? 

There are two methods to download. ( or you can refer to this video to learn the steps)
Method 1: Scan the QR code on the product packaging as below

Method 2: Download from Google Play
Open “Google Play” on your Android smart phone
Search for “ad10 xtool” or “advancer” or “AD10” or other corresponding keywords to find “Advancer AD10 XTOOL” and install directly

Note: This AD10 doesn't need to connect Bluetooth in the Phone setting. When start the APP, it will connect Bluetooth itself.

Xtool Ad10 code scanner suit for any iPhone, iPad, or Android device by Bluetooth to diagnosis your car with manufacturer-specific vehicle data. 
(If you want install xtool ad10 application on Windows 10 / 8 / 7, please check this post here,  but informotion from internet, try on your own risk)

How to diagnose vehicle by XTOOL AD10 OBD2 diagnostic scanner?
When the installation is complete, open the APP
Connect the XTOOL advancer AD10 with ECU (e.g. Buick ECU)

Accept all prompts on the XTOOL AD10 app
You can select “Visitors” or “Registered” to use
For the users who will often use this device, you’d better register a new account.
Select “Registered”, and then enter user name, email address password and region to register

If you will not often use it, you can select “Visitors” to use without registration.
When it appears the new software upgrade info, just confirm it

Then it will automatically connect to the vehicle OBD system

Tap “Vehicle diagnostic”-> Start scanning

It will scan engine/car body/ electrical and chassis system in sequence.

There are 9 faults have been detected out in the engine system

Enter DIY mode
There are 5 options in the main menu.
-Live data
-Freeze Frame
- MIL status
- Smog check
- Fault codes inqury

Select “Fault codes inqury
Then you can enter the fault code you want to query
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