Easy to add Keys for 2015 Vauxhall Movano by XTOOL PAD2

 We have programmed a spare key to this 2015 Vauxhall Movano using the XTool X100 Pad 2
The Xtool key programmer we will use is EU version, but the operation guide is the same as global version.

Because this vehicle is based on Renault platform, it’s based on a Renault master.
So after connecting x100 pad2 to the vehicle properly, then go to immobilization function and select “RENAULT EU” to do.
Agree with the disclaimer
The ignition of the vehicle is off and doors are closed.
Select “Program keys”
Note: A lot of Renaults can be supported by x100 pad2 key programmer, so you don’t need to read the pin code. It can automatically do it as part of the process.
Then select “Master”-> “10-16”
Use the original working key to turn the ignition switch on
Select “Program keys”
Switch ignition off and remove the original key
The Pin Code has been got automatically.
Insert the original key back in and turn ignition on.
Note: It’s very important to have all of the keys present because most of the time in this sort of a system, it will erase any keys which aren’t present.
Check if the security led off
There are no immobilizer warning lights on the dashboard, so just click “Yes” to continue.
It says “Whether to program next key?” Press “Yes” to continue
Take the old key out and insert the new key to turn the ignition on and wait for 10 seconds
Check if the security led off again
There’s also no immobilizer warning light on the dashboard, so just click “Yes” to continue.
No need to program next key, then wait for 15 seconds
The programming is done.
Finally, take the key programmed out to test the central locking, it works fine, and all the buttons are functioning absolutely fine. The original key is still working.
They both can start the car normally, and there is no warning light appearing.

All right! Xtool X100 Pad2/X100 PAD2 Pro program a new key to 2015 Vauxhall Movano successfully.
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