Xtool Key Programmer Series 2020 December Software Update

Xtool 2020 December Key Programming Newsletter

Audi                                                           V28.04

> VW’s fifth-generation Touareg Huion adds all key lost menus, which supports key learning by uploading and downloading data



GM(USA)                                                      V28.11

> Add support for 2018-2020 Chevrolet Suburban read password function

> Add Escalade 2017- menu



FORD(USA)                                                   V27.28

> Add smart key matching type 6 (2017 Mustang) all key loss function;


SUBARU                                                        V26.53

> Add a new mode of key programming function



KC501 – BMW/Benz                                               V10.03

> Add CAS2-2K79X disassembly and reading.

> Add disassembly and reading of MEVD1725 engine computer

> Add W169 disassembly and reading.



BMW  All models                                               V26.69

> CAS1-3: Optimize the server algorithm process to solve the abnormal requests that are often connected to the server

> KC501 disassemble and read ECU: Fix the bug that loading KC501 dynamic library can only be adjusted internally, and cannot use external dynamic library

> EWS: optimize process menu

> Engine: Improve increase (MEVD1724, MEVD1725/MEVD172Y) to read engine ISN version


TOYOTA (USA)                                                   V26.15

> Add a new analog card to solve the problem of losing all smart keys



CHANGAN – E-Rock/E-Start                                         V27.41

> Add smart key matching

>Add ECU matching

>Support all key lost

MAXUS – EUNIQ5EUNIQ5 PLUG-INEUNIQ6 /EUNIQ6 PLUG-IN /EV90 /EV30 OVERSEAS                                                      V26.31

> Support all key lost

> Add mechanical key matching

> Add smart key matching

> Add ECU matching

> Add remote matching


HYUNDAI/KIA                                             V27.35/V27.25

> Add mechanical keys to read passwords in the Indian market

> Support more smart keys password reading: Add a new mode of smart key 46 chip password reading; Add a new mode of smart key 47 chip password reading; Add a new mode of smart key 8A chip password reading



Dongfeng FFENGSHEN – AX7 PHEV/AX7 2020                          V26.57

>Support all key lost, free pin code

> Add key matching and ECU matching



JAC – SOL A8/X4/X7/X8                                            V27.02

> Support all key lost

> Add key matching and ECU matching

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