[Software Update] XTool Tablet Series Car Diagnosis NISSAN V12.70

Tablet Series Car Diagnosis NISSAN V12.70

Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian,Vietnamese,Arabic

1.Add 68 Specical Functions:X-TRAIL、QASHQAI、SYLPHY、ROUGE、KICKS、TEANA and so on:Start brake lining replacement, complete brake lining replacement, initialization position adjustment, brake release, brake operation, system mode change, exhaust gas recirculation adjustment, exhaust gas recirculation valve programming, engine adaptability, intake damper adaptation failure, air damping valve programming, cruise control / speed limiter programming, proportional concentration sensor setting, fuel pump programming Air flow meter programming,, particulate filter differential pressure sensor, fuel injection pump adapter (r077), catalytic converter, start stop function, start authorization, fuel injector adaptation 1, fuel injector adaptation 2, fuel injector adaptation 3, fuel injector adaptation 4, high pressure pump counter and So on.
2.Add 370 Actvice Tests:TEANA、X-TRAIL、LANNIA、QASHQAI、PULSAR、SYLPHY and other models:Engine action test module: engine coolant temperature, turbocharger solenoid valve, injector cylinder 1, injector cylinder 2, injector cylinder 3, air pump command status, carbon canister exhaust solenoid valve, throttle position set point, heater valve flow, O2 resistance heater PWM upstream of exhaust catalyst, O2 resistance heater PWM downstream of exhaust catalyst; Anti lock braking system action test: front right solenoid valve, front left solenoid valve, rear right solenoid valve, rear left solenoid valve, ABS motor, brake lamp on relay; Transmission action test: speed sensor function and stop current command; Body control module action test: PTC relay 1, PTC relay 2, PTC relay 3, oil pressure switch, door lock, super lock, door lock indicator, rear defogger, rear fog lamp, ignition key alarm, safety belt warning test, reversing warning, key reminder alarm, vehicle anti-theft horn, P-gear warning buzzer test, indoor lamp, lighting dimming signal Battery power saving device, front wiper, rear wiper, headlamp washer, light warning alarm, anti-theft indicator, brake lamp 1, brake lamp 2 and front fog lamp; Action test of urea control module: urea reflux pump, urea tank heater, urea pressurization, vehicle urea heater pressure line, urea pump transmission; Action test of panoramic monitoring image system: LED of right door mirror and led of left door mirror; Pure electric / hybrid electric vehicle action test: failure - protection relay, motor control relay, a / C relay, DC / DC converter, instrument buzzer, motor output maximum power display, recharge maximum power display, motor consumption power display, high voltage battery temperature display, high voltage battery capacity loss display, time required for full charge (200 V) display Display of time required for full charge (100 volts) and battery capacity; Action test of blind area warning buzzer: rear buzzer, left led and right LED; Side radar (rear left) action test: blind zone warning / BSI indicator driving,etc.

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