[Software Update] Xtool Tablet Series Car Diagnosis BAIC V8.22

Tablet Series Car Diagnosis BAIC V8.22
Languages Supported: English,
Supports the following models:Read ECU Information,Read Trouble Code,Clear Trouble Code,Live Data,Actuation Test,Special Functions(Such as:Write VIN code,Vehicle configuration,exhaust,Steering wheel angle sensor calibration, etc)
1.Support BAIC new energy 37 models:EV300,EV150,ev150 economy,EV160,ev160-2016,EV200,ev200-2016,ev200 / ev1600-2016 (Siemens),EX3,EX5,EX360,EX200,EX260,EU5 (r550) three in one,EU7,eu300 (taxi),eu300 (driving training car),EU5(R550),EU400,EU300,EU260,EU220,EU5(R500),Shenbao ev (before September 2014),Shenbao Es210 (after September 2014),EC3 (19),EC5,EC200,EC220,ec220 low voltage Version (only equipped with 7-hole slow charging power port),EC3,EC180,Beidou e,EH300,Lite basic,lite-adas,LITE300;
2.Support BAIC magic speed series 10 models:BAIC magic speed S7,BAIC magic speed S5,BAIC magic speed H5,BAIC magic speed S3L,BAIC magic speed S2 / S3,magic speed H2,magic H3,magic speed S6,magic H6,magic speed h3f;
3.Support Beijing Auto 9 models:E series,BJ20,BJ40,BJ40 PLUS,BJ40(2.4T),BJ80C,B40L(2.0T-2.3T),BJ40L,BJ80J;
4.Support BAIC Shenbao 12 models:X25,X35,X55,new x55,X65,D20,D50,new d50,D60,D70,U7,D80;
5.Support Beiqi weiwang 13 models:Weiwang m50f,Weiwang S50,Weiwang M60,Weiwang (M20 / M30),WeiwangM30,Weiwang 306,Weiwang 306-a,Weiwang 307,Weiwang 205 & 206,Weiwang T205,Weiwang 007,M306,M307;
6.Support Wei popular 6 models:Weiwang 407ev,Weiwang 306,Weiwang M307 (M30) economy,Weiwang307-2015,Weiwang 608ev,Weiwang 308ev;

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